Launching a product with the help of the pros (aka "the influencers").

Brooks England #OnTheRivet 2016

The C13 saddle was Brooks England's re-entry into the pro cycling world. After 75 years, they had lost their reputation and no serious cyclists would listen to them talking about competition saddles.

So we stayed silent.

My role was to set in motion a strategy around influential cyclists and lead on the creative execution (unrelated but related: our filmmaker won an Oscar that year ❤ ) to deliver a campaign that drove sales in a smart, engaging way.

Phase 1: Finding our audience

We partnered with 100 hand-picked pro cyclists to test the saddle and share their experience #OnTheRivet. 3,000 people applied via Facebook ads to test the saddle. This precious data was later turned into a high converting look-a-like audience.

Phase 2: Raising awareness with the help of the pros

Beautifully crafted social ads showed content created by our influencers describing the feeling of being #OnTheRivet. We raised brand awareness while driving sales of a limited release of 259 saddles.

Phase 3: Driving sales with a smart product launch

For the big launch, we retargeted our now super-well-tested look-a-like audience combining paid social ads with innovative formats like Facebook Canvas that allowed a really cool immersive video experience.

We also created tailored versions of the ads to run during specific stages of the Tour de France because, well, we had to. This improved conversion and created an exciting connection with the pro world.

The results 😎
30,000 people applied for pre-test
431% ROAS of limited edition
+34.8% ROI directly attributable
+9,800 posts tagged #ontherivet (and still counting)

role: Creative

agency: This Here