Influencer marketing that doesn't make you cringe.

Desigual Global Influencer Programme 2017

Influencer. Just the word can make you feel uncomfortable. I experienced that uneasiness when Desigual approached us with the mission of building their first ever Global Influencer Programme.

The trick is to no think of it as influencer marketing. Let's just call it "involving real, talented people in our stories and ideas." After all, they're the ones who connect with people.

Desigual Global Influencer Strategy

In 2016, with an ambitious brand transformation in the making, Desigual needed to inspire a perception shift in "the cool kids" without alienating the many all-time fans of the brand.

My role was to create and land their first global influencer strategy ever. Fueled by fascinating data (and hours of scrolling), we defined the stories we wanted to tell, the wonderful, inspiring women we wanted to partner with and the type of content that would excite our audience.

What began as an influencer marketing strategy grew into transforming the company's approach to data, SEO and digital communication.

Our content consistently received above-the-industry engagement and it got featured in magazines, blogs and the official accounts of Instagram and Instagram Japan themselves. 🙌

And the cool kids loved it. 😎



role: Creative

agency: This Here