Come for the art. Stay for the cool glasses.

Etnia #BeAnartist 2018

"Anartist: Rebel, non-conformist. Someone who forges their faith through creativity, joy and madness. A creator that goes beyond and can see beyond."

Anartists were the inspiration and target of eyewear brand Etnia Barcelona's ATL Summer campaign, so instead of continuing the brand's collaboration with fashion influencers, we set our mission to find authentic Anartists  IRL and entice them in their natural habitat: the internet.

After all, taste-makers find inspiration far from the fashion world.


We started by teaming up with 15 outstanding digital creators and inspired them to interpret Etnia's Anartist commandments (from "The Anartist creates without logic" to "The Anartist envisions the invisible") through their own visual styles. The only rule? To break the rules.



Surreal and unpredictable, these artistic collaborations reached a new, curious audience positioning Etnia as a bold, creative brand in a marketplace already characterised by high-quality digital content. After being covered in Elle and Huffington Post (👏), the Anartist campaign was turned into a long-term, always-on global influencer programme. That was the birth of Etnia Collective.



role: Creative

agency: This Here