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Macmillan Cancer Support - brand strategy 2019

In 2018, the 100 year old charity Macmillan Cancer launched a new brand strategy and identity that kicked off a different way of telling our story. One that was more human, more determined, more emotional, and closer to our roots.

As a creative consultant my role is to build consistency and drive creative excellence across all our campaigns, working closely with our internal Creative team, top agencies like AMV or McCann London and partners like Boots or M&S.

I also lead and execute exciting (that's code for 'really hard') projects that help deliver our brand strategy. Below are some of my favourite.

Some bits can’t be shared here. Drop me a line if you want to see more examples and campaigns. 👀

Tone of voice: Finding one voice for 6.5M people

The challenge: To get everyone at Macmillan Cancer Support to write and commission copy that was powerful, consistent and aligned with our values.


  • We turned a huge set of rules into five simple principles we could all live by.
  • We shifted from the “tone of voice police” to a model that nurtured autonomy and ownership.
  • We got rid of the old creative spectrum and defined one strong voice, simple and inspiring enough that everyone could write with it.

My role

  • Creative and content strategy
  • Ideation sessions with stakeholders
  • Writing and editing of tone of voice guidelines
  • Training with internal staff and external partners


Messaging strategy: Decluttering our story to spark a new moment

The challenge: To help a fragmented organisation with more than 100 departments tell our brand story in an emotional and coherent way.

The solution:

  • After auditing all our messaging, we simplified, eliminated and distilled. And then we did it again.
  • We shaped one unique story that brought forward the real experiences of the people we support. A story only Macmillan could tell.
  • We put that narrative to work in a playbook full of inspiring examples.

My role:

  • Messaging strategy
  • Collaboration with relevant stakeholders
  • Writing and editing of the playbook
  • Concept and writing of all creative examples
  • Training with internal staff and external partners


Want to see more examples and creative campaigns? Email me 💌

role: Creative consultant