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Hi, I'm Soledad. I'm a senior content strategist and I love a good story.

Hotel Amour by IKEA. Because there's only one way to (properly) test a mattress. +

Ikea Hotel Amour

Brooks #OnTheRivet. How to launch a product to an audience that won't listen. +

Brooks England #OnTheRivet

Influencer marketing that doesn't make you cringe. +

Desigual Global Influencer Programme

Etnia #BeAnartist. Come for the art. Stay for the cool glasses. +

Etnia #BeAnartist

Restoring the superpowers of UK's most loved charity. +

Macmillan Cancer Support - brand strategy

VW Golf Phobias. An integrated campaign exploring the unnerving and surreal world of fear. +

Volkswagen Phobias


I also write EDITORIAL content for brands and publications.

GQ Magazine, S Moda, PERDIZ magazine, Drama Total, Houdinis, Condé Nast Traveler, VerneThe Petite Brunette, Story, Casa Bonay

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I care about data, I appreciate humour and I believe in change. I've 15 years' experience in agencies big and small (DDB, BBDOThis Here) and organisations that change lives. I'm always open to new projects and I get very excited when strangers send me emails.